Canadian International Music Publication was originally founded in 2017 to facilitate digital music publication for artists from all over the world. We underlaid our principles based on integrity and promised over partners to deliver high-quality services for their new publications. CIMP legal and marketing advisors have confided us to professionally guide our partners through the maze of a new piece publication.

CIMP, now, is the result of the hard work and dedication of a great team that has full access to all the well-known marketing and publication tools. Our clients are brilliant artists and researchers who are actively producing valued content and seeking a partner to promote the result of their hard work. CIMP, also, was able to expand its activities from Western Classic to International folk and modern music by recruiting several Middle Eastern artists in 2020. Developing “Sornahang” was the result of this augmentation which is to publish middle eastern music including Persian, Arabic, and Turkish Music.

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CIMP senior members started their activities in Vancouver as music producers and musicians in 2017. The members were all graduates of Music or Sound Engineering programs from most prestigious universities around the world with a vast set of skills in music production and composition. This diversity in ethnicity and profession gathered them together to expedite the production and publication of a high-quality composition.


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Senior members in CIMP


Mohammad Amini

Director, CEO
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mohammad graduated the Master of Music in 2007 from the Tehran University of Art. He also stated teaching youth at Isfahan Academy of Music in 2004, and he managed to gather the “Bar Tarake Sepideh” ensemble with a group of his students which it led to multiple tours and concerts in the European countries in 2013-2018. His vast teaching skills along with his great knowledge of music composition and ethnomusicology, built him such a great reputation in Iranian education system that the University of Fine Art and Music Technical school (No. 11, Tehran) invited him to teach as an honored instructor. Mohammad is so passionate about music composition, and he always says: “Sometimes, I feel words are not strong enough to express my feelings, so I play them”. He published his first composition in 2009; however, he believes that this melody was whispered to his ears since his childhood. With no doubt, Mohammad’s attributes do not limit to what has been told, and below are a few more awards and achievements of his.
• First place in Ethnomusicology research - Iranian Folk Music Festival (Zagros-Neshin)
• Guest of Honor and Performer in Freiburg Music Festival – Germany (2012-2015)
• Guest of Honor and Performer in Basel Art Festival – Switzerland (2012)
• Guest of Honor and Performer in Vancouver Inter-cultural Orchestra (Since 2018).
• Won the silver medal at the Music Global Awards Festival for: “Red Like Fire”


Marjan Alekhamis

Director, Executive
Secretor of the Board of Directors

Marjan graduated her Master of Music at the top of 2015 class from Tehran University of Art. She was granted a full scholarship by the Iranian Ministry of Education for the whole period of her education since she managed to graduate her Undergrad program with the highest mark possible. Marjan had been always encouraged by her instructors such as Maestro Shekarchi, in Kamancheh (her professional instrument), to take a lead in teaching music after she completed her trainings. Therefore, she followed her instructor’s inspiration and started teaching Kamancheh, Violin, and Piano since 2009. Soon after her first performance in Germany (2015), she started her honored performances in France, Germany, Netherland, and Switzerland for three years until 2018. One of her highlighted performances was in Germany National Day in Hamburg, the hometown of the great Johannes Brahms. Due to her great skills, the government of Canada granted her the right of residency and citizenship in 2018. Since her very first day in Canada, she has tried indefatigably to introduce and teach Iranian folk music to her students from other nations. Marjan, now, is an active member of Vancouver Musician Association, Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra, and North America Musician Association.

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